by Singodsuperior

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released August 10, 2016

Written and produced by Singodsuperior.
Recorded in Baltimore, Maryland & Norman, Oklahoma
℗ © 2016 Singodsuperior



all rights reserved


Singodsuperior Baltimore, Maryland

Singodsuperior is a Baltimore Alternative Hip-Hop artist. Currently based in Oklahoma, Singod got his start providing experimental production for albums in Baltimore's underground rap scene during the late 2000s.

Singod’s work has been featured in the Baltimore City Paper and Government Names. He is currently working on a full length album and co-hosts the Channel 10 Podcast and Wu-Tang Podcast.
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Track Name: Tape Hiss
Unbroken trails with feet long and narrow
Metaphoric barrels attracted to my peril
Mind far from sterile, to the point I'm feral
As a face in crowds turning to apparel
Downward spiral faster than I came out Carol
On the up and up with a nose like pharaoh
6 feet tall wingspan of a sparrow
take in the fumes of liquors straight as an arrow.
Seen as poldark and yet the skin is dark
A kin to the shrouds of the cloud in the stark
Winter cold splinters my inner center
Like the sitar that the world retards
Now shards of scars left from afar in this season

Please let my cells constrict for a reason (4x)

Man, you know messing with depressants
In a crazy session gettin a lesson
Not confessing
Makes the reason and the victim somewhat incessant
I need to cloak to get me a blessing
So my achievements can make me feel fluorescent

"God gives us heartache and the devil gives us whiskey"

Men investments giving suggestions on investment
My point of view is tinted on repeat
Until I'm complete and the waves retreat
I replete with the water my nutrients deplete
Embrace the static to seek
My heritage and peak
With something neat to be
Good for the weak
No motion to leak
No paddle up the creek
Or mix up like the creeks
Take the former to ancient Greek and see the oblique...kouros
Track Name: Intro(vert)
The whiskey is sick of me
Looking for its empathy
It always says it's within me simply
Supple as it makes me stumble and buckle
The feeling is higher when you add beer bubbles
They make a couple
Polymerized stumble into deep thoughts and the crevice.of your heart
From the start for the art for the sake of the talk puts a stake in your heart like a steak from the slaughter

Then you become a martyr like an author
You go to the water cold and clear like your father
You try to distort but it becomes harder
with the bonded grain in the bottle that you barter
My chest becomes a marriage from my dead red sea
Don't be discouraged from things you can’t see

In the midst of the mist, it's hard to listen to a myth
To see if I exist and blow me up like a fish
Their wish of me is this: starfished in a petri dish
Spilling all my risk so then I'm beaten like a Whisk-
Key disposes me of the sorcery
Yet opens up new chemicals and sores for me
Heaven’s petals is not where I wanna metal
so I brew the nettle to let the kidneys settle
I wrestle and beckon what's reckoned every second
Cuz I know the lesson about being second
Be wind to the leaves or Aristophanes’ Sophocles
The former didn't care for his philosophy

I can be Pompeii display disarray or bridge my water with the ash and decay
How can I zone out when my zone’s out way belong lectures and alpha wave detectors
I've been in my sector’s fate because its section 8 in the racial zone
So I zone under drones and loans merged all alone
with a bugged phone from the anglophone on the throne
I roam under secret guys who control the sacred skies
you roam under a sacred guise that controls the sky
Black passers-by blend in the night’s hate
Leading to fate in our insurance rates
Our blood pressure rate and our crime rate and our abuse rate
And then our death rate
Then I reawake to see what’s in my soul
I can ask the natty dread or the natty boh--with a Red Stripe
The flag with the red stripes
I try to be plagued in hypnosis to expose this hostess
Which lags my Enosis.
Track Name: Counting Coup
I’m not worried with these past participles
They’re mere particles against the larger article
A fecal fickle sickle gloss trying to belittle
Buts it never felt like financial trickle
As nickels, go down the wishing well
My cells down the river to sell
My eyes well up with the wish to be well
Tears emulsify tears such a sodium phosphate
As I put whiskey over ice just to isolate
My heads only down for reading, some say I should be praying
That’ll be the day I prey on reflections that I’m facin’
A man seeing double from an empty fullness
Being conned from this state of a double consciousness
Assisted by dark bliss with encrypted abyss
A solstice of emotion used to reminisce
Rintrah’s wry because the rye avoids sighs
Til the ego dies i'm plagued from demise
My rebirth is compromised like three-fifths
Delivered to one liver so humane
Sustain with stains of horror that Rintrah disdains
These in a sense are songs of innocence
With intent to burn witches like the dream state that’s just so intense

Shepard amongst the sheep as we sit to count the coup
Which time exudes these basic dual moods
Plaguing the plains dreams so serene
That swim in endless skulls dimensions in between
Try to execute scenes I see before the whiskey lulls
Into a state of REM far away from the dull
Who’s the count with the count - these dreams I recount
That erodes my devil soul I denounce to a minuscule amount
Trounced in grains with glass all about

At war like Grandad in bond
Don’t wanna be a vagabond bottled in bond
Word is bond on this psalm as I wait for the dawn
Track Name: Portals
I hear I'm a radical filled with free radicals
Not rational because I'm bi-national
All on the strength the two aren’t tangible
Catapult like Hannibal, I'll be fractional
Seems passable for an animal negro deemed magical fruit ripens gradual
Biographical’s expandable, for my age mechanical
As I grow I'll become more adaptable
With sabbatical, I'll be less theatrical
Yet ill will forever be
Just a mortal to the paranormal jumping out portals
Just to get a morsel of anything normal to be cordial
Aural to make thoughts choral--efforts to be more floral
Rose from concrete? I rose to be discrete
Against souls that throw me below pasture
But I'm quick to pasteurize
As I rise against the despised
Illustrious highs still I rise in disguise
Under drone-blue skies clouded by lies
Baptized by hydrogen and oxygen combined
Now a liquid vortex to my haunted cortex
Strained by forceps that intruded my mother’s forest.
Track Name: The Elevens
Leaving the harbor air that’s toxic
While harboring bad visions, the penultimate topic
The light has gone away with my strained optics
REM the best way to stop the bile stoppage
Inside to the side unseen still phobic
The walls now wail with energy that’s anomic
Unloading to get loaded the only motive
Locked into focus and yet i'm so open

Deceased and diseased with a head full of bees
Naggin for sevens at the strike of eleven
Ahead of the day I want to flee
All for the best doing more with less
I digress from the stress I need to address
But confess I compress excess that leaves me possessed
That's a stretch
My arm for reserve to remain reserved for pain
The rain to keep me sane
Or frack something reactive to only maintain
Or for my sake frack into a fractal to make earths quake
Either or that would make my earth quake
Track Name: Long Knives
Long knives see trouble, I think double not subtle
With personal race-class struggle
Pack them away they come back coupled
Counteracting the lifting of metaphoric rubble
Please don't let me stumble on my now developed stubble
My existence a plunder, statistically im dead
The god said there’s power in numbers
On the inner they try to outnumber
In my slumber I wonder amongst thunder on imaginary umber
This conviction shines through like Abraham's devotion
But not like the sun through the old man’s bottled potion
We both stand on concrete but his words are from the ocean
He said we’re stolen and now turned to quotients
Stumbling around trojans atrocious with inflections deemed broken
Then he crumbles across alleyways interwoven
Now to me standing on the corner backdrop a horror
Downstairs empty while upstairs a hoarder
Overseeing house niggas wanting to be an owner
While sober acting older under solar hearing motors
Under the sight of posers and homers
The city’s coma meeting my quota
And now to Oklahoma

Extract’s back but all the palpable in front
As the orbs see what the shell wants
Something of a different sort
Invading anthropomorphic forts
Faster than the filter out the Newport to teleport
Courted from cortisol the free appalls
Making tempers short while the knives stay tall
Treated from good samaritans un-american
Knives want it up in smoke Native American
More deadly than Lincoln’s balcony
Or even Calvary with flesh the only gallery
Hate the fallacy quackery the battery
Keeps the gaze empty like the liquor calories
On my way, eyes aligned to the road’s lines
Sublime all the time as time erodes my tyme-colored time
Looking for signs as I read my sign
Emerging from a cult that tries to put me to a halt
Off similes of salt they claim I assault
But it’ll never be my fault as long as they default
With the drop zone point fiends in between
Machine guillotines off incoming dreams
Teens acting Byzantine that Long Knife scheme.

Night of the Long Knives
Night of the Long Knives
Can’t use seven with these tangible fives
With Saxon overdrive, only some can survive
As the blood arrives the organs are deprived
From black bile derived
Black frowns described
With divine design “we” deny
Til me and him dies.